Artist Statement

I am a Vessel, a Vivid Dreamer, and a World Builder. My work is guided by my connection to ancestral courage and related insights, filtered through observation and expanded by imagination.

My quest is to understand the tapestry of my own personal and cultural identity within the African Diaspora, contextualized by the scaffolding of my American experience. I practice self exploration, historical investigation, and critical social questioning to cultivate healing towards a remedy for Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome. My goal is to co-create sites that stimulate the ancestral memory of love as freedom within us, activating space to participate in shared liberation on local and global scales. 

I choose to do so through writing, quilting, collaging, making installations, photographing, performing, and inventing games. Within each of these mediums I promote empathy, curiosity, and critical thought by relocating our attention to new positions so we can see and engage differently. By hanging quilts on the wall, for example, and extracting their utility, I’m able to manipulate their value and the ways they’re read; by employing negative space within my collages, I examine how we can uproot ourselves from contexts or societal readings that do not serve us. In all of my work, I hone in on how place shapes perspective, the notion of belonging, and the way we self-perceive. 

My work is primarily comprised of found or donated materials that bear great emotional significance to those who once enjoyed them. I often source fabric through social media, where people experience physical and personal disconnection from self, all the while observing how waste is reflective of lived experience. It’s this lived experience that I’m most interested in capturing, which is reflected in my interest in quilting. 

Quilting as a practice is saturated on both sides of my family, dating back over 7 generations. This family tradition, among others, has provided a compass towards self-reclamation in the face of contemporary expectations. Quilting, within the black cultural tradition, has always served as a revolutionary space of joy, courage, and community in direct contrast to social and financial subjugation. It’s a way to honor my predecessors while addressing the questions and concerns of where I am--we are--today. It’s a way towards restoring and reconstructing with the resourcefulness born within us. 

  Curriculum Vitae  

Basil Kincaid

b. 1986

Lives in Novi MI

Works in Novi, MI | St Louis, MO | Greater Accra Region Ghana


2010 BA Studio Art, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO

Solo & two-person shows 

2021 --  A Restful Place, Leyendecker Gallery, Tenerife, Canary Islands

2019 --  Get It How You Live, Carl Kostyal, Mayfair London UK

2019 -- Shamans Death, Part 2 Gallery, Oakland CA

2018 -- Gates, University of Missouri St Louis, St. Louis, MO

2018 -- Interstices, Missouri Valley College, Marshal, MO

2017 -- Portraits, Projects + Gallery, St. Louis, MO (Hassan Hajjaj)

2016 -- Reclamation 2: Ghana: A Call Home, The Luminary, St. Louis, MO

2016 -- Inward Quest, Hoffman LaChance Contemporary, Installation & Performance, St. Louis, MO (Audrey Simes)

Group Shows

2020 -- Bodies in Motion - Traveling Bodies, Stems Gallery, Brussels Belgium

2020 -- PERSONAL MYTHOLOGIES, Galerie Julien Cadet, Paris France

2020 -- PARALLELS AND PERIPHERIES: Fractals and Fragments, Galleria Anna Marra, Rome, Italy

2020 -- Ambra Nera, Breeder Gallery, Athens, Greece 

2019 -- America Weaves, Coral Gables Museum, Coral Gables, FL 

2019 -- Stockholm Sessions, Carl Kostyal Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

2019 -- Malmo Sessions, Carl Kostyal Gallery, Malmo, Sweden

2019 -- Tapestry Art, Blurider Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2019 -- Embodied, Fjord Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2019 -- Spring Selections, Jenkins Johnson Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2019 -- In The Fold, RULE Gallery, Denver, CO

2019 --  I Am My Story, Mindy Solomon Gallery, Maimi, FL

2019 -- American African American, Phillips, curated by Arnold Lehman, New York, NY

2018 -- Interwoven, Kravets Wheby Gallery, New York, NY

2018 -- On the Road, Jenkins Johnson Gallery, curated by Larry Ossei Mensah, New York, NY

2018 -- ParallelLives, Kavi Gupta Gallery, Chicago IL

2018 -- Nomadic Murals, Contemporary Tapestries and Carpets, Boca Raton Museum, Boca Raton, FL

2018 -- Refraction: New Photography of the African Diaspora, Steven Kasher Gallery, New York, NY

2018 -- Too Black for America, Too American For Africa, Magnify Art Gallery, St. Louis, MO

2017 -- Mutinerie 3D, Le Mat galerie, Montpellier, France

2017 --  Taking it To The Streets, Krantzberg Arts Center, St. Louis, MO

2017 --  St. Louis University, McNamee Gallery, Invitational Exhibition, St. Louis, MO

2017  -- Taking It To The Streets, UMSL University, 210 Gallery, St. Louis, MO

2015 --  Grammy Museum, Blackout Festival, Installation, Los Angeles, CA

2015 -- Voyage of [Re]Discovery, Nabuke Foundation, Group Exhibition, Accra, Ghana

2015 -- RESPOND, Smack Mellon, Brooklyn, NY


2019 -- Untitled San Francisco, Jenkins Johnson Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2018  -- Overview Is A Place, SPRING/BREAK, Projects Plus Gallery, New York, NY

2017 -- Art Basel, Prizm Art Fair, Miami, FL


2019 -- The Release, Pulitzer Arts Foundation, Performance, St. Louis, MO 

2017 -- The Summoning, Performance, Pulitzer Arts Foundation, Projects+ & Spacebuster by Raumlaborberlin, St. Louis, MO

Residencies & Awards 

2021 -- United States Artist Fellowship, National Fellowship

2019 --   Carl Kostyal Draw Jam, Puglia, Italy

2017 -- The Fountainhead Residency, Artist in Residence, Miami, FL

2016 -- Babson College, Speaker, Re-Imagining Inclusion Conference, Wellesley, MA

2016 -- Arts Connect International, Artist Consultant, Boston, MA

2015 -- Harvard University, Art for Cultural Inclusion Symposium, Boston, MA

2014-15 -- Arts Connect International, Artist-In-Residence, Reclamation Ghana

2007  --  Anderson Ranch Arts Center Scholarship, Aspen, CO

Talks & Workshops

2020 -- Kitchen Table Art School with Art Noir co, moderated by curator Larry Ossei-Mensah

2020 -- ADAMA Arts Salon with African Diasporic Art Museum of Atlanta. Atlanta, GA. 

2019 -- Pulitzer Foundation: Stitch and Gather Sewing Workshop

2018 -- Missouri Valley College Artist Talk, Marshall, MO

2018 -- UMSL Artist Talk, St. Louis, MO

2017 --  Print by Print Group, Fiber Talks Panelist & Workshop Facilitator, New York, NY

2017 --  St. Louis Art Museum, Panelist, “Hip-hop & Fashion: From the Streets to the Runway”, St. Louis, MO

2017 -- Colorado College, Artist Talk and Senior Critique Series, Colorado Springs, CO

2017  -- St. Louis Artists’ Guild, Juror, Displacement & Migration, St. Louis, MO

2013  --  BlankSpace, Planned, Funded and Implemented “Cherokee Street Reach” 

Free Youth Art Camp, St. Louis, MO

Basil Kincaid (b. 1986, St. Louis, Missouri) is a post-disciplinary artist who constructs, contemplates and revises self-imposed and conditioned limitations, and explores their fixity. Through quilting, collaging, photography, installation and performance--done with found, salvaged and donated materials--Kincaid discards social mores while drafting alternative cultural fabrics. With an improvisational and community-oriented approach, resourcefulness and freedom of imagination emerge as critical components in the liberation of spirit.

Kincaid studied drawing and painting at Colorado College, graduating in 2010. He has exhibited works with Kavi Gupta Gallery, Mindy Solomon, Kravets Wehby, and Carl Kostyal. Kincaid is part of the JP Morgan permanent art collection and recently debuted their first museum performance, “The Release,” at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation in St. Louis MO. 

Kincaid will open three solo shows in 2021: two new collections of collages--one with Galleria Leyendecker and one with Kostyal Gallery, and a body of quilted work with Kavi Gupta Gallery.

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