Artist Statement

 I am a Vessel, a Vivid Dreamer, and a World Builder. My work is guided by our connection to ancestral courage, insight, and imagination in concert with contemporary awareness and observation.

My quest is to understand the wild tapestry of my own personal identity and cultural identity within the African Diaspora, contextualized by the scaffolding of my American experience. I practice self exploration, historical investigation, and critical social questioning to cultivate healing on a personal and cultural level, towards the remedy of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.

Within my practice I promote empathy, curiosity, critical thought, and conversation. I observe how perception and prejudice impact one’s relationship to place, objects, people and their sense of belonging or displacement. My goal is to co-create healing sites that stimulate the ancestral memory of love as freedom within us, activating space to participate in shared liberation on local and global scales.

I create experiences, objects, and spaces for private, interpersonal and ancestral connection. I write, quilt, collage, make installations, photograph, perform, and invent games as avenues of questioning. My work is primarily comprised of culturally contextualized, found, or donated materials. I collect materials from people through social media as well as within my immediate surroundings. This methodology explores the seeming immateriality and physical/personal disconnection within online spaces while observing how waste is reflective of lived experience.

I am currently most interested in the practice of Quilting as a way to collaborate with ancestral energy and as a method of empowerment. I find it imperative to nurture the evolution of my creative family traditions, honoring my predecessors while adapting the practice to address the questions and concerns of contemporary life.

My family is my driving motivation and primary artistic influence. Quilting as a practice is saturated on both sides of my family dating back over 100 years. My immediate influence as a quilter is Eugenia Kincaid, my grandmother on my father's side. She appears to me in dreams, guiding my hands as we collaborate a spiritual level. I strongly believe that Quilting opens a portal for me to exist with all of my ancestors that maintained the practice and potentially beyond. Upholding family traditions in the face of oppression is essential within my healing process. Quilting within the black cultural tradition has always served as a revolutionary space of joy, courage, and community in direct contrast to social and financial subjugation.

My stylistic approach is influenced by the innovations, practices, and cultural products of Black Americans, and West Africans.  More specifically, I am interested in Black American folk and fine art, music, poetry, and family traditions.

  Curriculum Vitae  


  • 2010      BA | Concentration: Studio Art (Drawing & Painting) | Colorado College | Colorado Springs CO


  • 2019     Pulitzer Foundation: Stitch and Gather Sewing Workshop
  • 2018     JP Morgan Artist in Residence
  • 2018     JP Morgan “Art At Work Live” Commission
  • 2018     Missouri Valley College Artist Talk, Marshall MO
  • 2018     Artist Talk, John Burroughs Highschool, MO
  • 2018     UMSL Artist Talk, St. Louis MO
  • 2017     Print by Print Group, Fiber Talks Panelist & Workshop Facilitator, New York NY
  • 2017     Harvard Westlake School, Guest Speaker, Beverly Hills CA
  • 2017     The Fountainhead Residency, Artist in Residence, Miami FL
  • 2017     St. Louis Art Museum, Panelist, “Hip-hop & Fashion: From the Streets to the Runway”, St. Louis MO
  • 2017     Colorado College, Artist Talk and Senior Critique Series, Colorado Springs CO
  • 2017     St. Louis Artists’ Guild, Juror, Displacement & Migration, , St. Louis MO
  • 2016    Harvard Graduate School of Education, Guest Speaker, Arts In Education Program, Boston MA
  • 2016    Commissioned Muralist for XQ Super School Project –St. Louis, MO
  • 2016    Babson College, Speaker, Re-Imagining Inclusion Conference, Wellesley MA
  • 2016    Arts Connect International - Artist Consultant - Boston MA
  • 2015    Harvard University, Art for Cultural Inclusion Symposium, Boston MA
  • 2014 - 15   Arts Connect International –Artist-In-Residence – Reclamation Ghana |  $30,000 Grant
  • 2013          BlankSpace, Planned, Funded and Implemented “Cherokee Street Reach” Free Youth Art Camp – St. Louis, MO
  • 2013 - 14   Kipp Believe College Prep, Middle School Art Teacher


Solo Exhibitions & Direct Collaborations

2018        UMSL, “Gates”, Solo Exhibition, St. Louis MO

  • 2018        Missouri Valley College, “Interstices”, Solo Exhibition, Marshall MO
  • 2017        Pulitzer Arts Foundation, Projects Plus & Spacebuster by Raumlaborberlin, “The Summoning”, Performance, St. Louis MO
  • 2017        Harvard Westlake Gallery, “Special Exhibition of Recent Work”, Solo Exhibition, Beverly Hills CA
  • 2017        Projects + Gallery, “Portraits”, Solo Exhibition, St. Louis MO
  • 2017        Regional Arts Commission, “Beyond This Threshold”, Installation & Performance, Collaboration,  St. Louis MO
  • 2016        Hawn Gallery, SMU Hamon Arts Library, "Roots & Routes", Installation & Performance, Dallas TX
  • 2016        Hoffman LaChance Contemporary, "Inward Quest" Installation & Performance, St. Louis MO
  • 2016        Cortex, Murmuration Festival, "Portal", Installation & Performance, St. Louis MO
  • 2016        Nebula Coworking, “The Vessel”, Installation & Performance Art Exhibition, St. Louis MO
  • 2016        Moy Fincher Chipps, “Love Art”, Solo Exhibition, Los Angeles CA
  • 2016        The Luminary, “Reclamation 2: Ghana: A Call Home” Solo Exhibition, St. Louis MO
  • 2015        Bernstein Wealth Management, "Reclamation Ghana", Boston MA
  • 2014        The Box Gallery, “NewCollage: Behind the Veil”, Solo Exhibition, Chicago IL
  • 2013        2720 Cherokee St Gallery,“Praxis:Freedom” Solo Exhibition,-St. Louis MO
  • 2013        Portfolio Gallery and Education Center, “Reclamation” Art Show and Album Debut, St. Louis, MO
  • 2012        BlankSpace, “Double Consciousness”, Solo Exhibition, St. Louis, MO,

Group Exhibitions

  • 2019       Phillips, “American African American Curated by Arnold Lehman”, New York NY
  • 2019       Jenkins Johnson, “Winter Selections”, San Francisco CA
  • 2019       Untitled Art Fair San Francisco, Jenkins Johnson Gallery, San Francisco CA
  • 2019       Blurider Art Gallery, Tapestry Art, Taipei Taiwan
  • 2018       Kravets Wheby Gallery, Interwoven, New York, NY
  • 2018       Art Basel, Main Convention (Kavi Gupta Booth), Miami FL
  • 2018       Jenkins Johnson Gallery, “On the Road: Curated by Larry Ossei Mensah”, New York NY
  • 2018       Expo Chicago, Kavi Gupta and Jenkins Johnson Gallery, Chicago IL
  • 2018       Kavi Gupta Gallery, “ParallelLives”, Chicago IL
  • 2018       Boca Raton Museum, “Nomadic Murals" Contemporary Tapestries and Carpets, Boca Raton FL
  • 2018       Steven Kasher Gallery, “Refraction: New Photography of the African Diaspora” New York NY
  • 2018       SPRING/BREAK Art Show, with Projects Plus Gallery, “Overview Is A Place” , New York NY
  • 2018       St. Louis Artists Guild, “All Colors” ,  St. Louis MO
  • 2018       Intersect Art Gallery, “Ebb & Flow Artists of St. Louis”, St. Louis MO
  • 2018       TechArtista, “In Living Color”, St. Louis MO
  • 2018       Magnify Art Gallery, “Too Black for America, Too American For Africa”, St. Louis MO
  • 2017       Le Mat galerie, "Mutinerie 3D" , Montpellier, France
  • 2017       Art Basel, Prizm Art Fair, Miami FL
  • 2017       Larson Gallery, Columbia College, “Show-Me States: A Survey of Missouri Photography”, Columbia MO
  • 2017       Krantzberg Arts Center, “Taking it To The Streets”, St. Louis MO
  • 2017       St. Louis University, McNamee Gallery, Invitational Exhibition, St. Louis MO
  • 2017       UMSL University, 210 Gallery, Taking It To The Streets, Juried Group Show, St. Louis MO
  • 2016       Lesley University, “Justice In Process” + Symposium, Boston MA
  • 2016       BlankSpace, Clothesline “Non-Fiction”, St. Louis MO
  • 2016       Touhill Performing Arts Center- Spring to Dance, “Tributary”, Costume Design and Construction, St. Louis MO
  • 2015       Grammy Museum, Blackout Festival, Installation, Los Angeles CA
  • 2015       Boston City Hall, “Emerge”, Installation, Boston MA
  • 2015       Lawn On D, BEANfest, Art and Music Festival, Installation, Boston MA
  • 2015       Nabuke Foundation, “Voyage of [Re]Discovery”, Group Exhibition, Accra Ghana
  • 2015       Smack Mellon, “RESPOND”, Juried Group Show, Brooklyn NY
  • 2014       District Hall, City Awake Social Impact Festival- Art Inclusion Salon, Group Show, Boston MA


  • 2018        JP Morgan Chase Art Collection |  4 works


  • 2018 Regional Arts Commission - Artist Support Grant - $3,000
  • 2016 Regional Arts Commission - Artist Support Grant - $3,000
  • 2014-15 Arts Connect International Artist In Residence Grant $30,000    
  • 2012 Roosevelt High School, Founded year long after-school art and fitness program, -Saint     Louis, MO
  • 2007 Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Workshop Scholarship - Aspen, CO


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