The Release: A Ritual Performed at The Pulitzer Foundation

In this Afro-surrealist performance, artist Basil Kincaid will create an immersive sensory experience to encourage the release of internalized trauma. In an intimate setting with only a small group of participants, Kincaid will bring together bodywork techniques, visual art, clothing props, and a sound component produced in collaboration with artist Damon Davis. Participants should be comfortable with physical touch by a professional bodyworker.

About The Ritual

This was my first museum performance. With this work I wanted to facilitate a fully immersive collaborative experience. The goal of this work was to create a space of healing, amplified by the collective energy and the body work. Within this work the participants were guided through multiple stages of meditation, starting with breath and movement then proceeding into a guided auditory meditation that was complimented by body work performed by reiki practitioners. For this piece Damon Davis and I collaborated to make a meditation tape inspired by mahavakyas, "Great Sayings" or "Cosmic Ideas" designed to aid in recovering the memory of the true self beyond our ego encapsulated forms. Each person that participated in the ritual had their own personal attendant, that relationship was designed to facilitate trust among our fellow people. During the auditory meditation each person wore a quilted meditation mask made of rice and a collection of herbs curated to ease the mind and body aiding in the relaxation and release of stagnant energy in the mind and body. The testimonies were overwhelmingly positive from each of the three groups that performed the ritual. Only one of the sessions was documented those are the images you see here taken by Virgina Harold.